MAK Hydration Suite


Hydration solution inclusive of a high standard SIGG bottle and a matching Hands free MAKA carrier

ELEGANT & EASY TO CARRY DESIGN Guarantees No interruption while you conduct your outdoor activities. Keep your drink with you at all times. You can wear across or over the shoulder. Available in 2 striking colours, it provides both style and substance, fashion and function Just enjoy carrying your drink in a hands-free manner.

Do it all with one-hand, open drink close & secure, Leak proof design with a safety lock, No odors or stains, Made with Tritan, Wide mouth, Free from BPA &phthalates, scratch resistant & dishwasher safe

PERFECT FOR long and daily commutes, walking holidays, outdoor sporting activities, adventure holidays, safaris, group trekking, hiking and beach sports, summer-holidays, group site seeing holidays

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD – Be unique and make a statement Help the environment, LESS PLASTIC HEALTHY PLANET EARTH!


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